AGQPE is a specialist supplier of MAP packaging, sealing film and packaging machines. AGQPE specializes in extending shelf-life of packed meat.





As ILPRA’s South African agent since 1995, AGQPE offers a complete line of packaging machines such as tray sealers (From table-top models to industrial scale), Rollstock machines (Form-Fill and Seal machines) Fill-Seal machines for liquids, yogurt, milk and such, and bottle filling and closing equipment.




For start-up businesses, the company offers inexpensive table-top tray sealers from Korea.


In addition, since 2001, AGQPE has been the local agent for Faerchplast oven-friendly CPET trays. These trays are excellent for MAP and retortable applications. AGQPE specializes in extending shelf-life of packed meat, fruit and vegetables.


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