Abattoir equipment & accessories


Agri Bio 021-979-3180 www.agribio.co.za 
BMPE 011 664-8212 www.bmpe.co.za
Columbit 021-593-3161 www.columbit.com
DFS Process Solutions 021 552 9165 www.dfs.za.com
Ishida 011-976-2010 www.ishida.com
Jarvis Products 011-454-0100 www.jarvissouthafrica.co.za
JF Equipment 011-760-3494 www.jfequipment.com 
John F Marshall 011-842-7100 www.johnfmarshall.co.za 
Kentmaster 011-455-3748 www.kentmaster.com
Marel 011-823-6940 www.marel.co.za
Mitchell Group 011-972-4111 www.mitchellgroup.co.za
MPS Meat Processing Systems    
PHT-SA o861-777-993 https://pht.group/
Reliance Poultry Equipment 011-794-4880 www.reliancepoultry.co.za 
Richter Scale 012-386-2060 www.richterscale.co.za
Weightron 011-852-4388 www.weightron.co.za
Westweigh Systems 011-974-8858 www.westweigh.co.za 

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