Pork Cuts and Uses

1  Thick rib

Chops: These chops are cut close to the “neck” end of the carcase and are the juiciest, most tender chops you will find. Ideal for grilling and pan frying.

Oven roast: Ask your butcher to remove the shoulder blade and tie the roast with string, or to put it into a mesh “pocket” to ensure an even shape.

Cushion: When you fill the cavity where the shoulder blade has been removed with a stuffing before oven roasting, this cut is called a “cushion” of pork.

Cubes: The thick rib is sometimes cut into cubes for kebabs, stir fries or curries and stews.


2  Rib

Chops: Pork rib chops look very similar to loin chops and have a classical “chops” shape. Ideal for pan frying, on the braai, or oven grilling. Can be marinated and/or basted with a sauce.

Whole: Can be deboned and rolled for a roast, or used with the bone in for an oven roast.


3  Loin

Chops: Everybody loves pork loin chops! Tender and tasty, they are easy to pan fry, grill in the oven or braai over coals.

Saddle: When left undivided (not split into two halves) this roast is called a “saddle”.

Roast: The loin can be used as an oven roast with bone in, or boneless and rolled for a great shape and easy carving.


4  Chump

Chops: These are the rump steaks from the pork carcase. Ideal for grilling, pan frying and on the braai. Use with or without a marinade and basting sauce.

Whole: Sometimes this section is left on the leg of pork to ensure a big oven roast. It can be deboned (ask your butcher to do this) and used for an impressive roast, which is easy to carve.


5  Leg

Whole: A leg of pork is an economical and tasty way to feed a big group of people. Ask your butcher to remove the bone and to tie the leg up with string to ensure an even shape and easy carving, once it is cooked.

Smaller roasts: Ask your butcher to divide the leg into the thick flank and silverside for two smaller roasts.

Cubes: The leg can be cut into cubes for kebabs, stir fries (strips) and stewing dishes and curries.

Schnitzels: Ask your butcher to cut schnitzels from the leg for you and to tenderise these in a tenderiser machine. These can be crumbed and pan-fried for a tasty, delicious meal.

Steaks: Some butchers cut large steaks (or chops) from the leg of pork. These can be grilled or used on the braai.


6  Shanks (and trotters)

Whole: Often cured and smoked and called ‘Eisbein”. Delicious when slow-cooked until very tender and served with potatoes.

Slices: Ideal for any long, slow-cooking dish. Use for tomato bredie, curries, stews and potjiekos.


7  Belly

Strips/rashers/streaky bacon: These delicious, juicy strips of pork are best when grilled over medium hot coals. Can be grilled plain or with a basting sauce and marinade.

Whole: Ask your butcher to remove the bone and roll the belly for a delicious, juicy oven roast.


8  Breast

Spareribs: This is where the all-time favourite spareribs are cut from. At your request, your butcher will cut it into long, thin “racks” of spareribs. They can be marinated, basted and grilled in the oven or over coals.

Whole: The breast can be used as a delicious oven roast and is tasty and tender when grilled in a Weber braai.

Bone removed: Ask your butcher to remove the bone and make a roll for an economical oven roast.





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