Operations management

Ankerdata 021-511-5165  www.ankerdata.com
Arch Retail Systems 021-556-2724  www.archsoftware.co.za
Casio South Africa 011-314-8888  www.jamesralph.com
Chubb Security    www.chubb.com
Compupos 011-475-8731  www.compupos.co.za
CSB Systems    www.csb.com
DQS 011-787-0060  www.dqs.co.za
Entecom 041-366-1970  www.entecom.co.za
Marel 011-823-6940  www.marel.co.za
Matrix Software 016-423-5537  www.matrixsoftware.co.za
Meat SCL 021-880-1915  www.meatscl.co.za
Pilot Software 011-602-8404  www.pilot.co.za
Power POS 021-555-0354  www.powerpos.co.za
Red Meat Abattoir Association  RMAA 012-349-1237  www.rmaa.co.za
Red Meat Industry Forum  RMIF 079 162 6465  www.redmeatsa.co.za
Red Meat Producers Organisation  RPO  012-348-1933  www.rpo.co.za
Retail Point 011-837-2282  www.retailpoint.co.za
SAGE Pastel Payroll Solutions 011-304-3000  www.sage.com
SA Butchery Training School 083 305 1489  www.butcherschool.co.za
SA Meat Processors Association  SAMPA 011-840-4601  www.sampa.org.za
SAMIC – South African Meat
Industry Company
SAPPO  South African Pork Producers Association 012-361-3920  www.sapork.co.za
Sharp Electronics 011-206-2900  www.sharpsa.co.za
Spinnaker Software 021-556-2724  www.archsoftware.co.za
Syspro 011-461-1000  https://za.SYSPRO.com/
Waste Resolution Technologies 083 375 8326  www.waste-resolution-technologies.co.za

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