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Latest Local News

Mobile Drum Tipper With Safety Cage


A new mobile TIP-TITE® Drum Tipper with safety cage allows hands-free, automated dumping of bulk solid materials from 115 to 200 litre drums throughout the plant, with no dusting or danger associated with sudden shifting of contents.





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Best methods for smoking sausages and meats.



ButcherSA explores the age-old techniques of smoking and cooking sausages and meat and the equipment making it possible.

Smoking sausages and meats such as ham and bacon imparts flavour, develops cured colour and helps preserve the product. 






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Serco takes it to another level for International Food Company



Serco has supplied a specialised tautliner body for use by an international food company to deliver products throughout South Africa.




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PHT Masterclass on Defrosting and Tempering


Is your company involved in defrosting of ingredients? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn more about defrosting and tempering. Today is the last day to register.



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Happy Heritage Day from Hartlief



Happy Heritage Day from Hartlief


For more than 70 years, Hartlief has been committed to providing quality products.







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Latest International News

Heat and Control – 70 years of innovation




Heat and Control®, a world-leading equipment manufacturer and food processing industry supplier, marks two major milestones in 2020—the 70th anniversary of the company and the 25th anniversary of FastBack®, the industry pioneer and leading horizontal motion conveyor.




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MEVIRSA – Complete solutions for rabbit abattoirs.


Since 1986 we have specialised in the manufacture of machinery and accessories for rabbit abattoirs. Throughout this time, our techniques have evolved to adapt to the increasingly demanding market and we currently undertake complete production plant projects.





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Tray Sealing Perfect For The Online Boom, Says PROSEAL


Tray sealing specialist Proseal says the tray sealing format is providing the ideal packaging solution for the increasing number of online and home delivery services, now being introduced for both food and non-food applications.





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Unilever and Algenuity partner to explore use of microalgae protein


Wageningen, the Netherlands – Today Unilever and biotech start-up Algenuity are announcing a new partnership to delve into the huge potential microalgae bring in innovating future foods for Unilever’s plant-based portfolio. Algenuity, which specialises in developing microalgae for use in consumer products, will work with the R&D team within Unilever’s Foods and Refreshment (F&R) division to explore ways of bringing foods made with microalgae to the market.




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Heat and Control Celebrates 70th Anniversary


Founded in 1950, Heat and Control, Inc.®, a world-leading equipment manufacturer and food processing industry supplier, celebrates their 70th anniversary on June 27, 2020. Heat and Control will celebrate this platinum occasion with a 12-month long celebration.




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Company Profile


AGQPE is a specialist supplier of MAP packaging, sealing film and packaging machines. AGQPE specializes in extending shelf-life of packed meat.




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Jungheinrich South Africa


Jungheinrich South Africa is a direct subsidiary of Jungheinrich AG, Germany. Jungheinrich AG is worldwide one of three leading companies in the material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors, as well as the European leader in warehousing technology.


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Go Girl Couriers



Go Girl Couriers is a full-service courier and concierge company that provides a selection of specialized and reliable services for a diverse clientele that includes individuals and organizations.



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Floorshield Systems


We are a specialised applicator of Polyurethane and Epoxy floors.



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South Spice


South Spice International was founded in 1990 and offers premium products from around the world directly to all sectors of the food industry including butchers, wholesalers, spice distributors, manufacturers, caterers, bakeries and retail stores.


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