Duck cuts


Whole bird with all parts usually excluding the head and giblets. A whole duck consists of light and dark meat.

1-2. Neck and back

Along with giblets, neck cuts are perfect for making gravy and stocks. These parts can also be fried as a snack or added to sauces for flavour.

3. Wings

An all-white portion of the duck with three sections: the drumette, flat mid-section and tip

4. Breast

Breast is the most versatile part of the duck consisting of all white meat. Tenderloin is a thick strip of meat cut from between the bird’s breasts. Sauté quickly and serve with a creamy sauce, stir-fry or flash fry on the barbecue.

5. Drumsticks

The drumsticks are the calf parts of the leg. They come on the bone and consist of all dark meat.


6. Thigh

The portion of the leg cut above the joint of the knee. Typically available bone-in with skin, or boneless and skinless.

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