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Gloves on, or gloves off?


The global COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown of many countries in the world, including
South Africa, has really put hand hygiene in the spotlight. Which, as a hygiene services provider, is where Initial has always maintained it should be.





South Spice


South Spice International was founded in 1990 and offers premium products from around the world directly to all sectors of the food industry including butchers, wholesalers, spice distributors, manufacturers, caterers, bakeries and retail stores.


Franz de Waal, Hostex 2020 ambassador



Inspiring young chefs to dream big and tackle change –

Franz de Waal, Hostex 2020 ambassador, Owner of Hashtag Hot Caterers, Rome Around Mobile Food Bars, chef, catering specialist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and helicopter pilot





Jackie Cameron Hostex 2020 ambassador



The sky’s the limit for young chefs in today’s culinary world – 

By award-winning chef, Jackie Cameron, owner of Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, author of two successful books, and Hostex 2020 ambassador






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