Going the Whole Hog



Going the Whole Hog: South Africa’s Pork Experts Lynca Meats Unwrap a Fresh new Look








LYNCA MEATS, one of the largest suppliers of pork products to the South African retail, wholesale, foodservice and manufacturing industries as well as the export market, is nothing if not an innovator in its field.



Born in 1988 as a family-run piggery supplying fresh meats to supermarkets and retailers, the company quickly expanded its processing capacity and became one of the country’s largest suppliers of processed meats as well.


“Our brand refresh is all about building this relationship with the most important person in our value chain – our customers” said Brent Fairlie, CEO at LYNCA MEATS. “We want our outward communications to be a true reflection of the business culture we have built over the decades – accessible, transparent, and responsive to shifts in the hospitality and foodservice industries”.


LYNCA has also been deeply involved with some of the country’s largest retailer butcheries, supermarkets and restaurant franchises – so if you’ve eaten a great pork chop, pork burger or Russian sausage in South Africa, chances are you’ve eaten LYNCA quality pork.


But despite South Africa’s enduring love of pork, consumer priorities and expectations are changing. With animal welfare, good nutrition and food safety getting a bigger share of the spotlight when it comes to what we put in our shopping baskets, today’s meat-eaters are more eager to learn about the provenance of their food than ever before.


“We have always been innovators in our processes and our approach to good farming and food safety practices”, continued Fairlie. “Nothing about that has changed. What we are now aiming to do is engage directly with our customers and consumers , who can come to us directly for inspiration and education around our quality pork products.”




“Caring all the way from farm to you” has long been LYNCA MEATS guiding sentiment, and technology has offered the opportunity to emphasise the company’s values of transparency and traceability – vitally important following concerns in recent years over the safety of South African pork products.


“Our rebrand, like our business itself, is technology-forward and relevant in the marketplace ”, said Adrian Franken, Sales and Marketing executive at LYNCA. “Our new-look website and ramped-up social media presence gives consumers the opportunity to have direct contact with LYNCA MEATS for the latest news,exposure to the factory shop specials, to ask any questions they might have, and to be inspired by the versatility, nutritional value and delicious possibilities of great quality pork products”.


All this has happened in conjunction with the opening of the LYNCA FACTORY SHOP in Meyerton, Gauteng. Just a stone’s throw from the company’s processing facilities – which brings farm-fresh pork not only to those in the retail,wholesale and foodservice industries, but also to microbusinesses like food stalls and Shisa Nyamas, as well as direct to the public – the LYNCA FACTORY SHOP cuts out the middleman to offer top quality pork at the best prices.


Chefs, business owners and members of the public are encouraged to visit the new-look LYNCA MEATS website at www.lyncameats.co.za, to connect with LYNCA MEATS directly on Facebook and LinkedIn, and to stop by at the LYNCA FACTORY SHOP. Wherever you find LYNCA MEATS , you’ll find a world of ideas to inspire the delicious pork dishes for your table.






From its humble beginnings as a family-run piggery in 1988, LYNCA MEATS has evolved into a leading pork producer in South Africa, processing over 360 000 pigs annually. At LYNCA MEATS customer partnerships and relationships are at the core of their success, they go the extra mile to provide each customer with a unique, customised service and product offering to ensure optimal customer satisfaction, growth and profitability. To underpin this passion and purpose and to ensure consistent quality, LYNCA MEATS implements rigorous safety and quality practices and are accredited with the highest quality management system worldwide, FSSC22000.


Food safety is an increasingly complex undertaking and producing safe, high quality and nourishing food are fundamental to LYNCA MEATS’ very existence. All quality certifications, highlighting that LYNCA MEATS systems rate amongst the best in the world to ensure food safety and consistent quality, includes Pork360 Abattoir Registration; SANS 10330: 2007 HACCP (SABS); PAS 220 (SABS); Woolworths Proof of Audits; Food Safety Assessment Audits and Export Status Certificate (ZA14).


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