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We design, manufacture, install and maintain multiplex refrigeration systems. We specialize in using Carbon dioxide as refrigerant. We strive in manufacturing the most cost effective refrigeration system with minimal energy consumption using natural refrigerants.








Our engineering team design state of the art biltong drying rooms and dry age rooms.

We do responsible refrigeration for the retail, industrial, food processing and hospitality industries.

We are innovators of engineering solutions who perpetually improve our productivity and relentlessly pursue the best sources that offer the highest value at the lowest prices – All this to exceed the expectations of clients and investors alike.

We design and manufacture refrigeration systems from 20KW cooling capacity for small butchery or deli application to 2.1 Megawatt cooling capacity for Industrial refrigeration plants.

We have been studying and implementing greener more economical more cost effective for over five decades and we pride ourselves in being at the top of our game when it comes to refrigeration.

We do heat reclaim from our refrigeration plant for all your hot water needs at your facility as well as waste water harvesting from our condensate water.


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