MLS National Laboratory Services



MLS is a SANAS Accredited Laboratory that has been operating for the past 10 years.







We are a national microbiology & chemical laboratory with locations in Midrand and Cape Town.


We have highly qualified and experienced scientists and laboratory analysts. We can assist you with a full range of analyses that will suit your requirements.
Our tests are conducted using the newest technology available.

The industries to which we provide services are:

• Meat (Abattoirs, processing & storage)
• Food & Beverage (QSR, Hospitality, Retail, Catering, Manufacture & Processing)
• Water (Agriculture, Industrial, Suppliers, Municipalities, General users)
• Cosmetic (Manufacturers)


Cost effectiveness is our aim! Try us TODAY!

We have an in-house Courier service available!

Special rates and a Sampling program will be designed specific for your requirements.


MLS Labs is SANAS accredited.


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