Just over week left to enter the AURORA International Taste Challenge



Just over week left to enter, as entries will close at midnight on the 28th of July. This year CADAC is supplying equipment and The Institute Of Culinary Arts will be doing the preparation.







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Meat products will be judged in sub categories according to the following main criteria:

• Salami – any shape or size
• Chorizo
• Ham
• Dry-cured meats (coppa, pancetta, prosciutto etc.)
• Jerky or biltong
• Droëwors
• Bacon
• Cooked/cured meat (pastrami, roast beef, corned beef etc.)
• Cooked/smoked ready to eat sausages (Viennas, Russians, bratwurst etc.)
• Uncooked sausages (Boerewors, Andouille, beerwurst etc.)
• Patés, terrines and rillettes
• Liverwürst


There are numerous subcategories, but entrants are welcome to create their own, so they can showcase their own unique product.


The aim of the panellists are to assess the quality of products from the consumer’s point of view, in similar circumstances to those in which a consumer would enjoy the product.

Here are some of our partners that will make this event a success:











Why should producers enter The Aurora International Taste Challenge?

The best products will be granted ‘Double Gold’ and ‘Gold’ status. Producers will be able to display these awards on their product, in digital media and in printed format for a period of one year from when the awards are granted for the particular product that won, dependent on the terms of a non-exclusive licence agreement. Winners will receive a full media kit containing many iterations of the logo. Stickers will also be available for purchase at R310 excluding VAT per 1000 plus transport cost. A one-time print run will be done, and extra stickers will be available on a first come, first served basis.


Here is a close approximation of the stickers that winners will be able to attach to their winning products. The Gold sticker measures 25mm across.



Winners are not obligated to order stickers, and all winners will be able to use the competition artwork on the product itself, in email signatures and printed and digital media. Examples of the award artwork include the following variations, and the colours can be changed to fit in with the particular packaging of the product.




Samples needed:

For dried and cured meats a sample has to consist of minimum three packets/containers, with a combined weight of 240 grams. For other types of meat a minimum of three containers/packets comprising a combined weight of 900 grams is needed. All entries have to arrive chilled, having been maintained in the cold chain from the producer to the delivery point, and must be in suitable and hygienic packaging. All samples must have a “best before”, or “use by” date. Products that do not contain this information on the packaging will be disqualified.


Delivery of samples

Samples should be delivered between 9:00 and 16:00 on August 3rd and 4th (Monday and Tuesday), 2020 to the Conference Centre at Joostenberg Deli, Koelenhof Road, Stellenbosch. Late entries might not be accepted.

Attention: Celia Gilloway   Tel: 082 782 1977     Email: celia@eventsbycelia.com

For a list of all the rules, terms and conditions and more information about the competition and its unique features, please visit the website at www.aurorachallenge.com. If you have any other questions you can email Sanet van Heerden at hello@aurorachallenge.com or phone her on 084 446 0412.


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