The Red Meat Industry Forum’s Office Bearers 2019


        2019  Red Meat Industry Forums Office Bearers 






The Red Meat Industry Forum’s AGM was held in Pretoria recently and the following office bearers were elected:







Koos van der Ryst, Chairman (National RPO Chairman)

                                                                                                   Kabols le Riche, Vice-chairman (RMAA Chairman)  








The Management Committee will be:


  • Koos van der Ryst, Chairman (National RPO Chairman)
  • Kabols le Riche, Vice-chairman (RMAA Chairman)
  • David Osborne (SAPPO Executive member)
  • Aggrey Mahanjana (NERPO Managing Director)
  • Gerhard Schutte (RPO Chief Executive Officer) and
  • Georg Southey (AMIE Chairman)


Tim Davidson (National Federation of Meat Traders Executive member) has stepped down as Vice-chairman, but was re-elected as Chairman of the Compliance Committee. Andrew Cocks (SAMPA Chairman) and Barry Swart (Independent Financial Advisor) were re- elected as the Levy Committee.


Dave Ford has resigned as Executive Director of SAFA and has stepped down as Chairman of the Forum, but has agreed to a spell as Consultant to the Forum. Mr Ford was thanked for his many years of valuable service to the Forum.


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Source – RMIF    The Red Meat Industry Forum





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