AGQPE is a specialist supplier of MAP packaging, sealing film and packaging machines. AGQPE specializes in extending shelf-life of packed meat.




As ILPRA’s South African agent since 1995, AGQPE offers a complete line of packaging machines such as tray sealers (From table-top models to industrial scale), Rollstock machines (Form-Fill and Seal machines) Fill-Seal machines for liquids, yogurt, milk and such, and bottle filling and closing equipment.

For start-up businesses, the company offers inexpensive table-top tray sealers from Korea.


In addition, since 2001, AGQPE has been the local agent for Faerchplast oven-friendly CPET trays. These trays are excellent for MAP and retortable applications. AGQPE specializes in extending shelf-life of packed meat, fruit and vegetables.


Sealing film certified to FDA, BRC and HACCP standards is another Speciality offered by AGQPE and, as local agents for Colpac (UK), the company also offers degradable and compostable food packaging.

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