Aurora dates changed



Due to changes in the COVID-19 lockdown regulations, the dates for this event have changed.







The new dates are as follows:

• Entries entered before 14 September 2021, regular entry fee R1300 excluding VAT.
• Entries entered after 14 September 2021 but before 21 September 2021, late entry fee R1550 excluding VAT.
• 21 September 2021, entries close.
• Delivery of samples – Monday and Tuesday, 27 and 28 September 2021.



The broad categories will be as follows (click on a category to get more information):

• All drinks including soft drinks, kombucha as well as bottled water, beer, ciders and mead.
• Coffee – Roasters, importers and distributors can enter coffee beans as well as pre-ground coffee.
• Olives and olive oil.
• Dairy products.
• Condiments and sauces.
• Meat – Charcuterie, sausages, dried and other meats


Why should producers enter The Aurora International Taste Challenge?

Superior products will be granted gold and double gold awards to reward products with excellent taste. Producers will be able to display these awards on their product, in digital media, and printed format, depending on the terms of a non-exclusive license agreement. Winners will receive a full digital award artwork kit containing many iterations of the logo, and they can buy stickers.

For a list of all the rules, terms and conditions, and for more information about the competition and its unique features, please visit the website at www.aurorachallenge.com.



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