Automation and Information Control in the Meat Industry


Automation in the meat industry has always been a controversial aspect in terms of human labour in the production process.




A shortage of skilled labour has pointed the meat industry into the direction of Automation. An increase in hygiene and quality requirements also added additional pressure. In essence the introduction of automated production lines has improved efficiency and profitability and ensured a higher quality and safer product.


The automated inline systems can measure and record various information, from temperature, pressure, mass, fat content, packaging etc. With the fat content being measured inline, consistent production of products can be established as inconsistent products will be rejected in the process. It can identify foreign objects, through a X Ray machine, which then in turn rejects products in the production line, which increases product safety.

In order for a production facility with automated lines to work efficiently, all processes must be supported through software that captures and controls the information from the lines in real time. Information captured is an integral part of the production process to document and analyse processes and results. Automated lines with integrated software solution will ensure dynamic live results in order to pro-actively manage the businesses efficiently and profitable.


Matrix Software ERP solutions allows for real time data capture on the shop floor, including scales, probes and other measuring equipment. Matrix software also has live interactions with automated packing lines like the GLMi machines from Bizerba, allowing for automated weighing labelling and identification.


Therefor a combination of people skills, automated lines and an integrated Matrix Software ERP solution, will assist companies to document and trace, produced meat products in the meat industry to establish a high-quality safe product. Market leaders in the industry will find the right balance between people skills and automation to enable them to be efficient and profitable.


Source – Matrix Software



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