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Superior products and equipment for the meat and food industry.






For more than 110 years, we at Crown National have been serving the food industry; and have secured our place as a leading supplier of quality spices and food ingredients in Southern Africa.


We take pride in our heritage and seek to enhance such with the finest of modern technologies, enabling us to offer our markets a unique vision. A vision that promotes the sharing of knowledge, experience, and expertise, fused with technological advancement, innovative thinking, and new-to-market products.


Through our long-standing history and strong reputation for credibility, quality and service excellence, our philosophy ensures that our customers are provided with the highest levels of service and technical expertise.


Operating out of twelve branches and several Factory Marts, strategically located throughout SA, our branches boast well-equipped pilot plants and technically competent staff to assist with new product development.


Our extensive range of quality spices, herbs, seasonings, sauces, condiments, equipment, packaging, as well as natural and artificial casings, continue to make their way into millions of kitchen cupboards around the world,




In our strive for excellence, the Meister Club® range has become synonymous with superior quality. All Meister Club® products are unequivocally top sellers in their respective fields, and the Meister Club® Marinade range is no exception. Providing the most sought-after flavours, it can be enjoyed in 4 litre jars, 10 litre bag-in-a-box, 750ml and 375 ml bottles.



Sprinkles, Rubs and Seasonings


Our extensive range of Seasonings, Sprinkles and Rubs adds a whole lot of value and flavour to meat cuts, grills, roasts, soups, sauces, salads, chicken, fish and processed meat products.  Our quality range is guaranteed to spice up every meal. Especially our iconic Six Gun Grill® seasoning, which is heralded as Every meal’s best friend!


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