Merrychef and Convotherm Ovens enhancing your kitchen.



Do you know what sets a fit kitchen apart from a traditional one?








The difference is not just simply having the most advanced technology for technology’s sake.


It goes much deeper.



There are vastly different needs coming from the consumers today than there were 5 years ago. Consumers want everything – speed of service, high quality and menu variety.


Sounds obvious, right?


You’d be surprised at the reasons that many businesses in the F&B sector either stagnate or liquidate. One of the main ones being misalignment. In operations, product/menu offering, targeting … the list goes on!


That’s why your kitchen and your business needs a holistic service offering with future-facing solutions that speak relevance to your current and future target consumers. Something that encapsulates all the various needs of your business from kitchen to counter to customer.



That’s what makes a Complete Fit and Connected kitchen.


Have you been thinking about how to enhance your operational offering in and around your kitchen? Let’s get in touch and discuss some solutions.


Billy Thompson, Product Manager of Merrychef presents an example of our newest FitKitchen Retail Concept, featuring the Merrychef e2s and the Convotherm mini. Both with integrated extraction and easy service access in a stand alone kitchen unit.


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