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Feinschmecker (Pty) Ltd sources, manufactures, packages, markets & distributes the finest processed meats in Southern Africa.








All raw materials are sourced by our in-house purchasing department. Most meat is locally sourced from food safety certified abattoirs & meat packers, some poultry and certain cuts of pork are imported. We deal with all major spice & casing suppliers to ensure best price, product and service levels. It has long been our belief that we will not compromise the quality and integrity of our product by employing ingredients that are not of the highest standard.



All products, except for Prosciutto Crudo which we import are produced at our Gauteng factory site. A skilled team of deboners, ham-makers, cutters, salami makers, fillers & others stick stringently to European recipes. No artificial additives or added MSG is used in production.



Products are sold in two main methods. Either packaged in bulk or sliced and prepacked in the high risk area in the factory. We have a number of state of the art Multivac roll stock machines including a gas-flush packaging machine which is comparable to the best in the world. All delicacies are carefully labelled by hand, using waterproof poly-prop labels which comply with latest labelling legislation.



A director, a sales manager, sales representatives, merchandising managers and merchandisers look after the sales and marketing of all goods nationwide. This function is never outsourced and is a vital part of the business and the company is represented all over the country. Our sales staff are educated in the fine art of continental delis and train your staff how to manage & run a full service deli. Relationships with buyers from the various retailers is also key to our success. No sale is ever complete until the end user has consumed the product.



The company is unique in that it is only high-end producer with national reach. Gauteng is still the cornerstone of sales, but other regions are catching up fast. All provinces are delivered weekly. Where own trucks are not used, carefully selected 3rd party distributors are utilised.


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