Scales and weighing equipment for the meat industry


Scales have much wider applications than merely performing weighing tasks, they can also link to a computer network to provide management with information on ordering stock, planning production and organising sales. 







ButcherSA examines the types of scales used in the meat industry and finds out who supplies them.





Bench scales are weighing devices for use on a counter or table. They are used for portion control, package weighing and product counting.

Portion scales are used for the preparation and mixing of ingredients. They are also used for portion control and portion packaging, for example, pre-packed goods and canned goods filling.

Platform and floor scales weigh larger items that are low to the ground. Indicators – digital electronic display units – can be used with platform scales.

Overhead scales include crane and rail scales for carcass weighing. Rail scales are similar to crane scales, but are attached to a rail system for transporting carcasses.

Checkweighers are automatic or manual end-of-line machines for checking the weight of packaged commodities.

Pallet truck scales convert a pallet truck into an accurate weighing scale.

Retail scales are used in butchery shops for processing and selling meat by weight. Weight results are displayed in a digital format. Retail scales are used in four areas: receiving, production, specialty (platform, portion and rail systems) and sales.




Any weighing device used to receive, pack for sale, or sell to consumers is required to be approved by the National Regulator of Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) and verified in terms of the Legal Metrology Act (Act 9 of 2014). Such verification is valid for two years, and the NRCS conduct regular spot checks on businesses to ensure their compliance.


At the core of electronic weighing machines is a sensor called a load cell – a highly accurate transducer that converts force (weight) into a measurable electrical output which is displayed on an indicator. Load cells can be placed on or under almost any type of container or vessel to turn it into an accurate scale.


In the abattoir environment, some operators use a load cell with a hook connected to a digital display to get a weight much like you would from a crane scale to check incoming carcasses.



Companies supplying, installing and servicing application-built butchery and meat plant weighing equipment – which comprise checkweighers, scale printing equipment and weight indicators – include:




Avocet Scales & Labels leads the way in the retail weighing arena. As a solely South African owned company with its Head Office, National Warehouse and Label Production facility, supplying its 10 strategically situated branches in South Africa. Avocet Scales and Labels offers a wide range of Weighing Scales, Label Printers and solutions along with supplying consumable wrapping film and labels that come with guarantees when used in their equipment.


The company has been built on its strong technical background and ability, offering full on-road Maintenance, Service and Repair services and is a SANAS accredited and NRCS Designated Repair and Verification Laboratory with the ability to verify any type approved electronic weighing device within a capacity range of 3 to 1500kg as is the legal requirement.


Avocet Scales & Labels supplies a full range of electronic weighing scales to meet any butchery’s requirements.
For small butcheries, Avocet offers the PR-II Price Computing Scale, available in both bench and pole models with a maximum capacity of 15kg. These come with displays for operator and customer and have a built-in rechargeable battery, so when power fails the butcher can still market his products.


For butcheries located within supermarkets, Avocet supplies the Ishida Uni-3 Series of Label Printing Scales, which can weigh a maximum of 15kg. With a built-in integral thermal printer that prints at a speed of 100mm/second, the Uni3 has the capability to customise the label to not only include basic information such as weight, price per kilogram and final selling price, but also include ingredients; packed, sell by and best before dates; and a barcode and detailed product description. The Uni-3 Series is available with either a conventional die cut label or Linerless Label printer.


The Uni-3 is already enabled for the future barcode specification, GS1-Databar, which will enhance both sales security by disallowing out-of-date products being sold, as well as supermarkets stock control recording weight and value sold and as an added feature can include a QR Code referring your customer to your website or to a weblink to access a specific recipe for the product purchased.


Avocet also offers the Ishida WM-AI range of automatic weigh, wrap, price and labelling machines which handles the entire wrapping, weighing, pricing and labelling process making for a more safely wrapped final product reducing human hand contact whilst wrapping and labelling .


The Ishida Uni9 Series is ideal for gourmet butcheries. The 12 inch full hi-resolution LCD colour touch screen can display product pictures, scrolling images, and advertising and promotional videos, and search for less frequently used products.


The Uni9 is environmentally friendly since it uses lead-free components and conserves electrical energy through its inno-vative design and employing power saving modes when not in use.


Other scales in the Avocet range include fold-down carcass scales, receiving plat-form scales, trolley scales, production portion scales, and overhead scales.


The fold-down carcass scale is used for receiving carcasses weighing up to 300kg. Multiple carcasses can be placed on the hooks, or the platform can fold down to weigh boxes or trays.


The Ishida IWX series of weighing scales are made of stainless steel and waterproofed to IP67 standards for use in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) environments.


With the exception of the Ishida IPC portion scale, the Ishida series of scales can all link to a computer network.


In order to meet customers’ needs, Avocet investigates the feasibility to develop application-specific weighing equipment for production facilities. One such development is the IWX Sausage Weigher, which makes it easy to weigh sausages pre and post cooking or smoking.







Bizerba the market-leading supplier of solutions for weighing technology, slicers and price labelling devices, established its subsidiary in South Africa in 2014.


Bizerba offers customers within the industry, retail, and logistics sectors a globally unique solutions portfolio of hardware and software based around the central value “weight”.


This portfolio includes products and solutions relating to slicing, processing, weighing, cashing, checking, commissioning and labeling.


Bizerba serves the market with its own representatives in the areas of sales and marketing, and also relies on collaborations with local partners. This guarantees comprehensive customer support. Along with PC scales and slicers for traders, the themes of check weighing, inspection and price labelling are the main focus in the area of food production and packaging.


Bizerba is thus addressing globally applicable requirements with regard to food safety, consumer information and production efficiency. Bizerba recently got nominated for best Retail Cases Award too. Innovations like RetailApp “MyOrder” and XC Pro Scales are very popular, especially with addressing demands during pandemics.


Reduce waiting times and queues at the fresh food counter and create a new user and shopping experience for your employees and customers.
With the RetailApp MyOrder customers now simply order their fresh products when they start shopping, digitally via a terminal. They continue shopping and pick up their ready packed orders at the fresh food counter when they are done shopping.



Border Scales – We have been servicing our clients for over 25 years with a proven track record and are distributors of a wide range of quality scale brands and are able to select the ideal product for your weighing requirements from various manufacturers which include: ISHIDA, ADAM, MICRO, SHEKEL, T-SCALE, LMI AND GALLAGHER just to name a few.


We have extensive experience in the industry and provide sales and support for a large range of high quality scales and weighing equipment for virtually every weighing need such as Agriculture and Livestock, Laboratory, Medical, Retail, Industrial etc.


Our trained and skilled technicians will service, calibrate, and repair all equipment we sell. We offer in-house training on all new equipment installations. Border Scales is accredited by SANAS and NRCS to perform Legal Metrology Verification of scales used in trade within our scope of 3kg to 3000kg.


Clover Scales having two SANAS accreditations for different types of calibration certificates, both for trade purposes and for clients working to ISO standards, puts Clover Scales amongst the elite of the scale companies operating in Southern Africa. We are in a position to supply weighing equipment from laboratory balances to weighbridges. SANAS certificates can also be issued for either verification or calibration. These can be done either externally or in house for your convenience.


We are in a position to supply weighing equipment from laboratory balances to weighbridges. SANAS certificates can also be issued for either verification or calibration. These can be done either externally or in house for your convenience.


Scales include – Bench Scales, Butchery Scales, Counting Scales, Crane Scales, Hanging Scales, Industrial Floor Platform Scales, Load Cells, Table Top Scales and Poultry Scales to name but a few.


Premier Scale Services specialise in the sale, calibration, repair, servicing and verification of an assortment of Scales. Among the Scales on offer to you through Premier Scale Services (Pty) you will find access to pocket, platform, physician, pallet, price computing, livestock and animal, hanging, floor, crane, counting, check weighing, indicators and butchery Scales.


Furthermore, Premier Scale Services (Pty) Ltd make weighbridges, gas filling, test weights, Scale printers and spares easily accessible to you.


We are SANAS and NRCS accredited, which allows us to calibrate and verify weighing equipment according to government standards. Through the range 80grams to 60 000kg.


Richter Scale was established in 1972. We have grown into one of the country’s largest scale companies with an impressive list of clients and projects completed throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.


We are sole agents and manufacturers and therefore are able to offer a quality product,on time and at competitive pricing to solve your weighing / counting problem.


We design, manufacture, sell, hire, maintain and repair the full spectrum of products, ranging from Laboratory balances to 120 ton weighbridges.


Scales Range – Floor / Pallet Scales, Platform & Bench Scales, Weigh Bars, General Scales, Counting Scales, Lab Balance,
Washdown Scales, Filling Scales, Explosion Proof Scales, Crane / Hanging Scales and Livestock / Animal Scales



Scalerite is a leading supplier of weighing equipment with over 40 years’ experience in the scale industry, we pride ourselves in being one of the leaders in our industry.


Scalerite not only sells weighing equipment to cover all industries, but repairs and maintains them too.


Micro is our brand name, it has a well known presence in the whole of South Africa and neighboring countries. Micro is known for its exceptional quality and affordable prices.



Scaletec believe in providing the best weighing scales and measuring equipment to meet user requirements at affordable prices.


Scaletec offer a wide range of food scales for a variety of commercial and lab-based applications including food production, food testing and catering. Types of food scales we stock include: price computing scales, washdown stainless steel scales and moisture analysers.


Our digital baking scales are perfect for weighing ingredients such as flour and sugar in large quantities, whilst offering a wider range of applications than the standard digital kitchen scale. Suitable for small and large-scale bakeries, restaurants and patisseries.


Butcher and meat scales are ideally suited to butcher shops, delis and fishmongers for ensuring meat is accurately weighed, whilst retaining health and safety standards. When selling food products by weight it is essential to use NRCS certified trade approved scales.


Moisture analysers are typically used for moisture determination in food products and are used to ensure that certain products have the correct amount of moisture to ensure taste, whilst preventing the premature growth of bacteria.



Scale Tronic Services was established in 1988 and has since fast become a leading company in the supplying of high-tech quality and locally manufactured weighing equipment.

Scale Tronic Services have created an excellent reputation in the weighing industry with a professional sales and service offering through our highly qualified and experienced team onboard.


We supply high-tech quality and locally manufactured weighing equipment, and we have the largest range of weighing equipment in Southern Africa, including: South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Swaziland, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola, Tanzania, DRC, Kenia & Uganda.


STS holds SANAS Accreditation for the Calibration & Verification of weights & weighing instruments since 1996,
to ensure we keep abreast with development in the industry & within the Legal Metrology ACT.



Teraoka S.A. with headquarters in Johannesburg, provides superior Sales and Service of Electronic Scales, Automated Weighing, Wrapping and Labelling


Systems, Thermal Printers, Inspection Equipment, Self-Adhesive Labels and related Consumables for both the Retail Supermarket Industry as well as the Food Manufacturing Industry!


Teraoka as experts in the Electronic Scale Industry Teraoka is involved in every stage of the process involving a new Retail Supermarket or Food Factory from installation and implementation to completion offering continual functional and technical support.


Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of implementation and operation, development of functional specifications for client approval, system design, and overseeing development teams customizing machinery and software to fit the specific client’s needs.


Teraoka is the sole distributor of Teraoka/DIGI Weighing Systems and Anritsu Inspection Systems in Southern Africa as well as a proud Honeywell Service Partner. Teraoka services both the domestic and international sectors (African Countries) through its network of 10 Sales and Service branches strategically placed country wide as well as a broad Distributor channel.





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