GLAD about National Braai Day

Not that any South African needs an excuse to have a braai; but what better day to get those coals lit than on National Braai Day? It’s coming up on the on the 24th of September, and GLAD will help the day to run smoothly with a few handy hints.

  • Wrap all braai goodies in GLAD Cling Wrap to keep it fresh, hygienically clean and pest-free!
  • GLAD Press ‘n Seal will seal in the freshness of any food with airtight strength and keep the food from spilling.
  • GLAD Foil helps to make braais versatile! Use GLAD Foil to cook potatoes, mielies or garlic bread on the braai.
  • GLAD loves leftovers! Cooked meat needs to be wrapped up using GLAD Cling Wrap, stored in the fridge and then eaten within two days to be safe.

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