Happy Heritage Day from Hartlief



Happy Heritage Day from Hartlief


For more than 70 years, Hartlief has been committed to providing quality products.








Hartlief hasn’t changed its processes in this time and continues to produce premium meat the same way it always has.



Hartlief Corporation Ltd in Namibia, Southern Africa, is a multifaceted meat manufacturing company selling raw and processed meat locally as well as internationally. The company believes in the addition of value to meat and strongly supports the aims of Namibia’s Vision 2030.



Our business involvement stretches across the whole value-adding chain from producer, abattoir, wholesaler and processor to the end-consumer. Products are marketed under the well-established brand of Hartlief. Hartlief is known for its comprehensive variety of high quality processed meat products, as well as fresh and frozen beef, lamb, chicken, pork and game meat.




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