Lynca Meats Celebrates Madiba’s Legacy




Lynca Meats Celebrates Madiba’s Legacy with 67 Days of Kindness







“Caring all the way, from farm to you” is an essential element of the Lynca Meats ethos, guiding the organisation’s actions not only when it comes to their suppliers, farms, and employees, but also the communities within which they operate and the people they serve.

You don’t grow into one of South Africa’s largest and best-loved pork producers over the course of decades without staying one step ahead of the game! True to form, the organisation began executing their Mandela Day 2021 plans a full 67 days before the day itself.

“The #LyncaLeadershipChallenge was launched as part of the Madiba Day. This allowed us to invite management, team leaders and supervisors to choose a challenge and get involved with our community based initiatives. We hope that this is an ongoing commitment from Lynca Meats’ leaders and that the spirit of volunteerism in our surrounding communities inspires and touches a lot of hearts and minds,” explains Melissa Franken, CSI Liasion at Lynca Meats.

Food Drops in De Deur…

With the knowledge that so many are suffering more than ever under the effects of the pandemic, Lynca Meats teams up monthly with Harvest Fresh and the Office of the Mayor to donate nourishing meat and veggie packs to the Midvaal community. To mark the kick-off of the #LyncaLeadershipChallenge, leaders from various departments within the organisation assisted with the hand-outs in person and got to know the community and the challenges they face.


And some more closer to home!

Right on Lynca’s doorstep in Meyerton, Johannesburg, the #LyncaLeadershipChallenge took them to the Bantu Bonke informal settlement. For this second food parcel drop, Lynca leadership teamed up with Ian Franken of Pendale Foods, as well as Harvest Fresh and the Office of the Mayor to distribute much-needed food to the indigent members of this rural community.

“This community have received little or no assistance from official sources throughout the pandemic and lockdown. We are lucky to have had the assistance of the area’s PR Councillor, Mary-Anne Myburgh, who helped us deliver food to the ageing and ill members of the community who could not make it to our drop-off point”, said Franken.

The partnership between Lynca Meats and Pendale Foods continues on a monthly basis, ensuring speedy distribution of meat packs every month to those who need them most.


A Delivery for Hungry minds and tummies

Nobody can learn on an empty tummy! Another Lynca Mandela Day initiative took a delivery of English books and snacks to the early learning centre in Sicelo. Having built a relationship with the lovely ladies running the centre over the last year, Lynca Meats already donates meals regularly to supplement the diets of the 115 children in their care.

On 4 June, English books (some of the featuring the world’s best-loved Piggy characters!) and party snacks were delivered to accompany a special reading and a mini-concert for the children, all about the importance of Mandela Day.

Lifeline Workshops

When hard times strike, it’s no surprise that moods can dip low. Wellness is about so much more than a roof over your head and a full belly. That’s why, in partnership with LifeLine Vaal, Lynca Meats and Pendale Foods have engaged the services of an in-house counsellor to supplement their existing employee assistance programme. Employees took part in men’s and women’s workshops in March and May, with the goal of the initiative being to normalise talking about our mental health and to encourage asking for help when we are not coping.

The “Lynca Cares” emblem stands for all the people within our circle and the support we can always find there: Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu – a person is a person because of other people.

Sicelo & Doulos Drop-In Centre

Already enjoying a fruitful relationship with Doulos Drop-in Centre, Lynca Meats organised an event on 18 June for 50 teen girls from the area, who were provided with dignity packs by the Office of the Mayor, Midvaal. The girls were also lucky enough to meet Mmule Ramothibe Ka Pityana, a local resident and Mrs South Africa Top 100 Finalist, and get inspired by her story of coming from a broken home to graduating with an MBA.

Doulos is an essential lifeline for vulnerable children in the area, many of whom are HIV+ and rely on the social services and practical assistance offered by the organisation.

Lynca Cares also once again partnered with LifeLine Vaal to engage with USAID and Doulos, offering both boys and girls workshops around gender-based violence and other important topics.



Doulos Clothing Drive

As the winter chill becomes harsher, Lynca Meats stepped up to donate clothing collected by the team of dedicated #LyncaLeaders, with children provided with clothing and expectant mothers even receiving much needed baby clothes. These items had been collected as part of a Lynca Meats wellness day in 2020, and unfortunately due to the recent spike in case numbers, had to be delivered without the Lynca volunteers there in person.

“Through all these efforts, and our other CSI initiatives that run throughout the year, we hope not only to do our part, but to inspire other organisations to do theirs” concludes Franken. “Mandela Day is not a single occasion for us, but a reminder that living out Madiba’s legacy in a way that would make him proud is an all-year commitment.”


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