Meet the masters: Learning about smoking and thermal treatment of meat

On 8 and 10 October 2019, PHT and Schröter jointly hosted two masterclasses about thermal treatment of meat, first in Johannesburg and then in Cape Town. With presentations by experts in the fields of meat smoking, food safety and hygiene solutions, the events were all about making meat great, and making meat safe.





Jens Wittig, meat technologist at Schröter, shared his expert knowledge and technical advice about manipulating temperature during the smoking process to achieve great results. Delegates had ample opportunity to absorb knowledge, ask questions and get first-hand troubleshooting advice. A case study by a well-known player in the South African meat processing industry illustrated the benefits of partnering with an industry leader such as Schröter in streamlining their production process.





With the recent Listeria outbreak shining a spotlight on hygiene practices in the meat processing industry, discussions on food safety and hygiene were an important part of the programme. Linda Jackson of Food Focus set the scene by contextualising food safety in the meat processing industry. Informative presentations about hygiene flow, choosing appropriate cleaning approaches for a production process and establishing a food safety culture highlighted the importance of seeing hygiene and food safety not as a disruption but as an essential part of production.


                                            Linda Jackson (Food Focus) Willie Lötter (Eskort Limited)


Josef Messmer, founder of PHT, views an event like this as an opportunity to bring people together to learn and share challenges, both positive and negative, in the strive to producing quality products. “You don’t have to know everything, but you have to know someone who does,” he says.


                                  Josef Messmer (PHT-D) Deléne Boshoff (PHT-SA) Mike Varpins (Mauritius)


And judging by the response from the close to 80 delegates who attended the events – including big retailers, distributors, well-known processors, boutique enterprises, academics and government agencies – it’s clear that people are eager to learn from the best.


                                                             All the delegates from Eskort Limited.



About PHT

PHT is your Partner for Hygiene and Technology. PHT is a 20-year-old privately owned business, with head office in Bad Tölz, Germany. PHT aims to provide every food and beverage processing company with customised, holistic solutions to ensure safe and hygienic food production and, therefore, safe food for all.


About Schröter

Schröter Technology GmbH & CO is a 70-year-old family business and has grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thermal treatment systems for the food processing industry. Schröter is represented worldwide and is the global market leader in hot-smoking and climatic systems for the meat and fish processing industry.


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