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Meeting food safety standards with inspection equipment

Metal Detectors and X-Ray Inspection Equipment









The inclusion of industrial inspection equipment into the meat production line guarantees that all food safety and hygiene requirements are met. Metal detectors and X-ray inspection systems also provide the additional benefit of preventing contaminated products from entering production, which leads to product return and waste.


A metal detector’s function is to detect metal contamination without fail. While that seems like a simple, logical assumption, it is important to note that a simultaneous two-frequency magnetisation detection method should be in place. This is called a dual wave (DUW) series, since it can detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.



The technology installed in X-ray inspection machines can identify even the smallest hard and soft contaminants – ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel particles, glass and stones, fine wires, bones and plastics – at production line speeds.


In addition to locating a variety of contaminants, x-ray technology has evolved to incorporate the scrutinising of filled liquid products and package shapes, as well as product counting.


However, packaging designs such as fold-out cardboard and corrugated card encasements provide challenges in foreign body detection for standard X-ray inspection technology.



For this reason, Eagle Product Inspection has pioneered Material Discrimination X-ray technology, or MDX, for use by food manufacturers. MDX is an enhanced X-ray technology that can distinguish between high and low X-ray channels.


MDX can, for example, detect flat glass and stone in mixed nuts, which is challenging for a conventional X-ray system, as well as intricate packaging designs.


Inspection equipment suppliers –

BMSC Engineering supplies a full range of Mesutronic metal detectors for all applications wet or dry, tunnel type or free fall. The range comes with the latest advanced microprocessor technology, touch pad electronics and digital two-channel signal processing to optimise detection sensitivity while minimising false rejects.

Mesutronic metal detectors are manufactured to highest food quality standards and are designed to withstand the harshest production environments.


Ishida’s IX-GA series X-ray inspection system detects metal, bone, shell, plastic, hard rubber and pebbles, as well as product defects and improper weight.


J-Pak offers a range of X-Ray systems that can spot contaminants at various stages of the production process in food applications – from raw products in bulk flow to packaged products, and from unpackaged products to those in glass jars, bottles or metal cans.


J-Pak represents Fortress Technology, renowned in the metal detection industry for superior performance and sustainability within the quality control equipment sphere. Fortress Metal detectors are used widely in various industries throughout the world.


Metal Detectors – Fortress metal detectors have always been engineered with a Never Obsolete Commitment and will always be supported with parts, software upgrades and a global service team for the life of the metal detector, so you stay up to date with food safety initiatives without having to purchase a new metal detector.


As a global enterprise, Fortress Technology has manufacturing offices in Canada, the UK, and Brazil, serving the worldwide distribution network, which includes J-Pak as a sole distributor of Fortress Metal Detectors in South Africa.


X-ray Inspection – Designed for x-ray inspection of mid-sized packaged products and multi-lane applications in the Food, Pet Food and Pharmaceutical/Personal Care industries. The x-ray inspection system provides 430 mm (16.9”) of detection coverage at the belt and high-speed imaging up to 120 meters per minute (400 FPM).


Designed for x-ray inspection of boxes of multiple products and multi-lane applications in the Food, Pet Food and Pharmaceutical/Personal Care industries. The x-ray system provides detection coverage of 720 mm (28.3”) at the belt and is capable of high-speed imaging up to 76 meters per minute (250 FPM). With multiple quality inspection capabilities, it can help manufacturers increase productivity by simultaneously performing inline product integrity checks.


JK Services & Coding supplies Cassel Metal Detectors.


Cassel Metal Detectors – Introducing the METAL SHARK® presenting a completely new design in high sensitivity metal detectors.


The METAL SHARK® provides outstanding sensitivity, accuracy, stability and precision product-effect compensation.


The METAL SHARK® features the latest four channel DDS (direct digital synthesizer) and DSP (digital signal processor) technology.


These technologies provide outstanding product-effect compensation.


High processing speed, DDS and DSP makes the METAL SHARK® the leader in digital metal detection.


Additional to supplying Cassel Metal detectors, JK Services & Coding also supplies Citronix coding and marking equipment plus custom-built conveyors.




MCS Industries (PTY) Ltd are proud partners and sole distributors for Cassel Messtechnik in Africa, bringing you the latest technology in foreign object detection offering you a wide range of metal detectors to suite your product requirements.


With increased food safety requirements across the globe we at MCS Industries (PTY) Ltd strive to stay on top of the latest foreign object detection technology.


All apertures in our metal detection system are enclosed in 100% stainless steel housing, with an IP67 rating and is available in various sizes to accommodate our clients detection requirements.


Cassel’s METAL SHARK® 2 has multi frequency, computer controlled and auto setup within seconds to perfectly suit the current product. The Digital Signal Processor auto selects the best frequency out from a library of >200 frequencies.


The METAL SHARK® 2 has the revolutionary new 4-quadrant technology, for very stability and high sensitivity along with product effects. The four quadrant technology is the latest in metal detection and delivers outstanding performance along with exceptional ease of use and consistent, reliable detection.


We also have a sister company, MCSI Namibia based in Walvisbay Namibia.



Due to increased food safety requirements across the globe we at MCS Industries (PTY) Ltd understand that a simple metal detector cannot detect every bit of undesired foreign bodies in food, pharmaceutical or other non-food products. Such contamination poses big problems to producers and consumers.


MCS Industries (PTY) Ltd offers a wide range of X-ray machines to suite your product needs that will preserve your product quality and provide reliable protection of your brand.


MCS Industries is the sole distributor for Cassel Messtechnik GmbH in Africa. The X-Ray Shark is an x-ray device with an integrated conveyor belt that automatically inspects packaged products of various sizes.


The X-Ray Shark detects contaminants, as well as individual attributes like, for example, completeness, form and mass of the product. It classifies and sorts out contaminated products automatically. The frame is made out of stainless steel and the conveyor can be ordered with an additional quick release system for simple hygiene practices.


Quality Control


Leaders in product contamination and package control with metal detectors, X-Ray equipment. Our solutions are tailor made for you!



Microsep  supplies Mettler-Toledo Safeline metal detectors and X-ray systems. Safeline x-ray inspection machines offer safety and quality assurance at every stage of the production process for raw, bulk-flow (loose), pumped and packaged products. Neither foil nor metallised film packaging affect the sensitivity of contaminant detection by X-ray.


The X36 Series detects metal, glass, mineral stone, calcified bone, high-density plastic and rubber in a wide range of retail packaging. It can simultaneously undertake product integrity checks such as measuring gross mass and zoned mass, counting components and checking seal integrity, so ensuring all-round product quality.





Bizerba – Solutions for the food industry

The food industry has very special requirements: Naturally, hygiene has a special importance. Product safety, for example by means of metal detectors, is extremely important. And last but not least, transparency and smooth running logistics chains are of high importance. Finally, food shall reach the customer in best quality.

Inspection Systems – From metal detectors to the X-ray devices up to the Vision System. Our inspection systems fulfill all requirements on quality assurance. They are user-friendly and work with a high throughput.

Metal Detectors – Bizerba metal detectors quickly and reliably detect all ferrous and non-ferrous metals in packaged and unpackaged goods. The separation systems from Bizerba may be used to reject contaminated packages on the operator side. A wide range of accessories is additionally available.

X-ray inspection systems – The monitoring and analysis of all relevant quality parameters from formulation and completeness check through to foreign object detection, packaging and labeling are top priorities for food manufacturers. Bizerba’s product inspection systems ensure 100% control.

Vision inspection systems – Our Vision inspection systems offer comprehensive solutions ranging from processing up to packaging of products. The automated testing improves product and process quality, enhances productivity and increases food safety.


Eriez  has decades of experience protecting consumers and food processors alike from dangerous ferrous and nonferrous metal contamination. Eriez designs and manufactures effective magnetic separation, metal detection and material handling systems designed with both the food processors reputation and the consumers safety in mind.


Teraoka  is the sole distributor of Teraoka/DIGI Weighing Systems and Anritsu Inspection Systems in Southern Africa as well as a proud Intermec Service Partner.


With headquarters in Johannesburg, Teraoka S.A. (PTY) LTD provides superior Sales and Service of Electronic Scales, Automated Weighing, Wrapping and Labeling Systems, Thermal Printers, Inspection Equipment, Self-Adhesive Labels and related Consumables for both the Retail Supermarket Industry as well as the Food Manufacturing Industry.


Teraoka offers the Anritsu range of rejectors (multi rejection options are available to eliminate products in different categories), metal detectors (dual wave, soft and hard contaminants) and the proven KD74 series X-ray machine.



Metal Detector that supports safety and security in the food business.


Adopting a simultaneous 2-frequency magnetization detection method, the dual wave (duw) series can detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


With over 40,000 industrial metal detectors installed globally, this metal detection equipment is reliable, and is easy to maintain and clean. With a duw series anyone can achieve high-sensitivity and stability.


Proven and reliable KD74 Series – highly rated throughout the world


Anritsu’s long track record in contaminant detection forms the basis of a unique image processing algorithm to detect both soft contaminants (bones, plastics, etc.) and wire contaminants (fine wires, etc.) at high sensitivity and high stability.



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