Beef cuts

A beef carcass is divided into four main sections, two forequarters and two hindquarters. These are normally divided between the tenth and eleventh rib bone.


Primary cuts

1 Hump
2 Neck
3 Shin
4 Bolo
5 Chuck
6 Flat rib
7 Brisket
8 Prime rib

Very often it is a lack of knowledge regarding the correct cooking methods for the different cuts that causes the versatility of the forequarter to be underestimated. Because the forequarter contains about 2 — 4% more bone and white connective tissue, it is far tastier, although less tender. The percentage of fat in the fore and hindquarters is nearly the same.


Primary cuts

9   Thin flank
10 Wing rib
11 Loin (strip loin)
12 Rump
13 Fillet
14 Silverside
15 Topside
16 Aitchbone
17 Thick flank (Knuckle)

The hindquarter contains more tender cuts that may be prepared by means of dry-heat cooking methods. The hindquarter is from where delicious steaks are cut.

Cooking methods



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