Putting Water First For Another 30 Years: Our Company Commitment

  As a pioneer in the field of water and wastewater management in Africa, Talbot & Talbot is especially proud of reaching its 30 year landmark in 2019. Getting here has required both passion and tenacity, traits that characterise our trajectory over the last three decades. 


From modest beginnings, as a small, family-owned wastewater business, Talbot & Talbot has evolved to become known and respected as a fully-fledged specialist water and wastewater solution provider. Our portfolio has expanded in line with our mission of offering the best in integrated sustainable water solutions. Services including consultancy, projects, and operations, along with the highly regarded full commercial environmental laboratory.


Looking back over the years, we have also made strong progress towards the company vision, of becoming the leading provider of sustainable water and wastewater solutions across the African continent – and beyond. To date, we have successfully delivered projects across a wide range of sectors and in over 25 countries around the globe. While remaining true to our Pietermaritzburg* origins, Talbot & Talbot can today number blue-chip companies amongst our extensive regional and international client base.


In acknowledging this remarkable, thirty year legacy, it is of no small moment that we’ve chosen to commemorate this watershed year by rebranding Talbot & Talbot as just Talbot. This evolved corporate identity represents an important and necessary step in the company’s long-term growth vision.


The name Talbot, of course, needs no introduction. It was through the efforts and vision of the brothers, Drs Bernard & Francois Talbot that Talbot & Talbot came into being in 1989. Both within and outside the company, ‘Talbot’ has become associated with expertise, quality, and collaboration. These values remain foundational to our company’s brand and culture.


We have underpinned this new brand identity with a new logo and the phrase, “The Art of Water.”


Our universe revolves around water. More than merely being at the centre of our business, it is vital for all life on this planet. It makes sense to us then, as we set our sights on an exciting new horizon, that our new logo should help to tell the story of our passion for one of the four vital, classical elements. The downward-pointing triangle is the western alchemical symbol for water and has been unchanged for more than six centuries. It is permanent, relevant, simple and descriptive; an ideal icon to demonstrate us living out our bigger principle and purpose of using science and engineering solutions to improve the quality and availability of our shared water resources and the environment in general.


Science, engineering, finance and technology are the backbone of the work we do. With over three decades of experience we understand design, precision, implementation and reliability better than most. But what we have also learnt is that innovation is the result of curiosity; that the harder the challenge, the more creative the solution; that instinct can’t be taught and that insight is worth more than information. This learning allows us to bring unique value to our clients. It means we look at things differently, going beyond the expected to the place where the future is waiting.


This is: The Art of Water.


The transition to Talbot is therefore organic, meaningful and timely, propelling the Talbot legacy into a new era of significant growth. To Talbot and thirty more years of excellence in Africa and beyond.


Source – Talbot


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