Smoking and Thermal Treatment Masterclasses



There will be 2 technical training workshops taking place on 8 & 10 October 2019. 8 October in Johannesburg and 10 October in Cape Town.





There has been a lot of discussion around the Listeriosis outbreak, and there are concerns that there has not been enough information on how to safely handle the products and the processes for ready to eat meat and poultry products.


Although PHT have the HACCP requirements, this is so much more than a paper system and we as PHT would like to assist with sharing our extensive knowledge on thermal processing.


PHT have partnered with our strategic partners, Schröter, Carbocraft and Food Focus to provide a comprehensive programme delivered by international technical experts. We will address all aspects of thermal processing including smoking, cooking, maturing, intensive chilling and defrosting. We will also pay special attention to managing the high risk areas of a processing plant.



You are invited to join our Masterclass on Smoking and Thermal treatment in the food industry, being held in Johannesburg and Cape Town in October. Please click on the link below for more information and to book a seat.


Please click on the link here below to register for the Masterclass



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