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In the old days, butchers would keep the unknown, but really cool cuts for themselves. They were aptly called the ‘butcher’s steak’ as they were not party to sharing these secret delicacies with anyone.


It’s time to take advantage of your extensive knowledge of the distinctive cuts of meat, and turn them into delectable dishes that keep guests returning.



Mega T-Bone

The ultimate steak! So big it will almost break the plate. This is the most prized cut of beef, a classic … the king of steaks.


Rib Eye

The rib eye is a mansize steak! With an abundance of marbling and fat that melt into the lean meat as it cooks.




Versatile, juicy and delicious! In a popularity contest this cut will come out on top.


Aged Rump Picanha

This little known, triangular cut of beef, comes from the animal’s rump region. It is popular in Brazil and is regarded as the king of cuts.




If you’re looking for a tender cut, llets are the way to go. It comes from the lower middle back and forms part of the sirloin.


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