The new Lumnia Range from Rentokil: available now

Have you ever stopped to consider what you are paying for fly control on your premises? Not to mention what it would cost if you were to experience a fly infestation?




We have. In fact, at Rentokil we are constantly thinking about innovative ways to both save you money and deliver a quality, innovative pest control service. We understand the challenges that fly control can bring to businesses. 45% of businesses that have suffered fly infestations in the past five years report a high or moderate concern about loss of income.


Introducing Lumnia, Rentokil’s new LED range of fly killers

For three years Rentokil has been analysing LED technology and testing its new units against the market. Rentokil believes the technology is now at a point that its benefits can be leveraged for customers due to lower cost LEDs and enhanced performance.

After months of testing at the Rentokil Global Science Center – working with the key players in developing this technology, trialing prototypes all over the world whilst gathering feedback from our customers and testing its efficacy against Rentokil’s efficacy measure Half Life – Rentokil is proud to announce the launch of their new Fly killer range; Lumnia.


In a world that said LED didn’t work for Electronic Fly Killers…Rentokil has made LED work.


We have 12 patents across the unit and LED strips to prove it

Lumnia is the first Electric Fly Killer range in the world to use LED lighting rather than traditional blue-light fluorescent tubes. The Lumnia range comes as a result of working in partnership with a leading manufacturer of LED, and the switch from traditional fluorescent tubes allows for an estimated energy consumption reduction of on average 60% vs comparable units. In addition to the energy saving benefits of using LEDs, the unit has different lighting settings to suit the specific requirements of your specific location, as well as an active lighting mode that adapts output according to the ambient lighting levels on your premises, further reducing your energy costs.


The unit has improved it serviceability, reducing the number of times that our fly killers need to be service at heights, and offers several energy modes; High, Medium & Low. It also offers an active mode which adapts to UV levels, adapting continuously to the conditions of the customer premise. This unit has a modular design which can be used a glue board or encapsulation unit, and offers a control or monitor option depending on infestation levels.


For a more information on Lumnia from Rentokil or to arrange a free fly control survey, visit their website here …. 




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