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Braai& BBQ is a manufacturer of premium Charcoal products based in South Africa.

With its roots firmly in the Republic of South Africa and Namibia, Braai& BBQ also exports a large amount of Charcoal to overseas companies and has built a solid relationship with its customers abroad for the outstanding quality of its Charcoal products.





Braai& BBQ has been manufacturing Charcoal products for over 15 years and has grown from strength to strength over the years with its high quality product offering.



Today Braai& BBQ is one of the largest Charcoal product manufacturers in South Africa and is best known for its ‘Triquettes®’ and Etosha Brands.


Most of our charcoal is derived from Namibian invader bush, a form of flora, which is alien to Namibia and must be eradicated. We are assisting in this process through the production of the Etosha and ‘Triquettes®’ brands and due to the vast amount of invader bush, there is enough to produce these brands for at least the next 50 years.

The Braai& BBQ factory in Pretoria is FSC certified and is able to display the FSC mark on all it’s Charcoal based products.



There is nothing better than cooking your meat or vegetables on a traditional charcoal fire. Simply put, “The meat just tastes better!” Sharing a Braai/Barbecue with your friends and family is the ideal way to spend any occasion and Braai& BBQ’s premium charcoal products are the perfect fuel for your fire.






Braai& BBQ manufactures and packages premium Briquettes and Triangular Briquettes, known as ‘Triquettes®’. Our charcoal is derived from Namibian Hardwood and is eco-friendly, burns cleaner and longer at higher temperatures. Our ‘Triquettes®’ are compressed and moulded to provide you with the longest lasting, hottest flames on the market. 


Braai& BBQ’s charcoal products are available at all leading retailers throughout South Africa and are available for export to Europe and other parts of the world. Whatever your lifestyle, sit back, relax and enjoy a traditional Braai/Barbecue with Braai& BBQ.


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