World Butchers’ Challenge

The World Butchers’ Challenge 2018 is set to be the biggest global butchery competition yet, with the best butchers across the globe – Great Britain, France (current champions), Australia, New Zealand, USA, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Bularia, South Africa, Greece, Spain – competing for the world championship title.

This year’s competition will be hosted by Butchery Excellence Ireland, and takes place at IFEX 2018 on 21 March 2018 at the Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast. 

The World Butchers’ Challenge is designed as showcase of exceptional talent with the finest butchers being judged on technical skills, cookability of products, presentation, innovation and creative use of beef, lamb, pork and chicken products. 

The concept of the World Butchers’ Challenge is to develop an environment where butchers strive to exceed current industry practice in the areas of general workmanship, meat cutting, displaying and the creative usage of beef, lamb and pork product. 

The competition itself is conducted over three hours and fifteen minutes with teams given a beef side, a side of pork, a full lamb carcass and five chickens as the base ingredients. Teams are allowed to provide their own seasonings, spices marinades and garnish to finish product that are designed for a modern retail outlet. Teams also provide their own props by way of plates, bowls, signage etc.

Independent judges, one from each country, will judge and score the team based on butchery skill, workmanship, product innovation, overall finish, presentation and/or display.

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