Red Technology Delivers Sodium Reduction Solution


Find out how incorporating Red technology into seasonings and flavouring systems can assist your company to achieve its sodium reduction targets without compromising flavour.



When considering sodium reduction, it is important to understand the functionality of salt in flavour.

Salt is a natural flavour enhancer and sodium chloride (NaCl) increases the palatability of food. It intensifies the perception of taste –the Na ions stimulate the taste buds and the Cl ions give the salty taste.

The non-volatile chemical compounds are dissolved by the saliva and detected by several parts of the tongue, palate and throat.

Salt also has an impact on basic tastes. It reduces bitterness and sweetness, balances bitterness or sourness, builds the intensity of umami (savory taste – one of the five basic tastes) and causes salivation.

Challenges in Reducing Salt/Sodium

The main challenge in sodium reduction is maintaining flavour delivery. Food companies are understandably concerned about the possible loss of consumer interest because of taste changes or bland end products.

A further challenge in sodium reduction is keeping it cost effective. Salt is a very cost-effective ingredient and an inexpensive way to improve the palatability of foods. Replacing salt brings added cost to maintain impact (salt burn) and the salivation effect.

Potential Solutions
There are some potential solutions, each ingredient with its own positive effects and limitations.
These are summarised in the table below.


The conclusion that can be drawn from the table is that there is not one single solution available at a cost-effective price.

Every ingredient has an optimum level of use before the negative effects are detected.

So, what is required is a combination of ingredients at optimised levels to provide a workable solution to sodium reduction.

And this is exactly what Red flavour technology does: extend the optimum use of ingredients and minimise or reduces the negative effects whilst enhancing the positive effects of salt.

Red Technology
RedSalt was internally developed to overcome the challenges when reducing salt. It is used at a 1:5 replacement at an added cost of approximately R0.75c/kg for 2000mg sodium reduction in seasoning. Maximum salt reduction is achieved when used in combination with powder salt.

SoRed has certain ingredients different to RedSalt that enhances acidic perception, making the reduction of Sodium Diacetate possible. These include acidifying agents, amino acids and flavour components.

Red flavour technology is highly concentrated, non-volatile and stable under most processing conditions. It delivers unique properties, such as enhancing flavour and sweetness, eliminating or minimising bitterness, suppressing or masking undesirable aftertastes, eliminating or reducing metallic aftertastes, modifying perceived mouth feel and mimicking glutamate effect.

It is also Halaal and Kosher certifiable, and contains no added MSG and no artificial flavours, colourants or sweeteners. It is also free from common allergens like gluten, nuts, soybean, milk and other allergens and irritants such as hydrolysed vegetable protein, sulphur dioxide & sulphites, and celery.

For more information, visit www.seasontoseason.co.za and a team of experts will gladly assist your company to achieve its sodium targets by incorporating Red technology into your seasonings and flavouring systems.


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