Texan flavours spice up the Eastern Cape

Find out how a new flavor sensation – Bubba’s Texas BBQ – is taking the Eastern Cape local markets by storm.


After a warm reception at a recent TOPS at SPAR Goodnight Market and the Saturday Valley Market in Port Elizabeth, Gary Coring is taking Bubba’s Texas BBQ nationwide.

He introduced the taste of Texas to the SPAR Eastern Cape-sponsored market with his slow-cooked and gently smoked beef briskets, which he proudly serves wearing the hats of founder, owner and chef.

Coring, who has lived in the United States for the last 18 years, returned to his roots and decided to share his passion for the popular cut of meat with his fellow citizens.

“South Africans love their meat and everyone has seen it on TV,” he said. “All my friends asked about it so I decided, instead of just making it for them, I’d bring it to other people too.” He turned his passion into a profession more than a decade ago while still in America and has been perfecting his craft ever since.

He explained the locally sourced beef was coated in a thick layer of natural spices and cooked for 14 to 16 hours using a traditional Texan style of smoking. “The spices are locally sourced from Port Elizabeth and are blended together into a rub. I coat that onto the brisket and leave it for about four hours,” he said. “It’s then cooked at low temperatures in my custom-made smoker.”

Coring is now ready to introduce the flavourful dish to an even wider audience. “I had a pretty good turnout at the last market. The majority of people are there to eat and try new food so it’s a good way to introduce my food to those who wouldn’t necessarily be looking for Texas BBQ,” he said. “People enjoy sampling our sliced or chopped brisket on a roll. There’s also some traditional Texan sides, which include coleslaw and baked beans.”

Despite being only a month old, the business has been well received. “I’ve even had people coming back for thirds!” he said. The good reviews extended to more than just marketgoers and Coring said he had received high praise from a number of well-known names in the Port Elizabeth restaurant industry.

In addition to brisket, the Bubba’s Texas BBQ name also adorns his bottles of BBQ sauce.
“I offer an original and slightly spicier flavour. I also plan to bring out a Texas heat option in about two weeks, which will make you sweat,” he said.

Plans for the future do not stop there and the father of two explained he hoped to expand the American taste into South African households countrywide.


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