Traditional Dry Aging in the Modern Food World



The dry-aging technique is being described as “a significant industry trend”, spurring Viking Food Solutions to showcase the ‘Dry Ager’ product range at the 2017 Fine Food Australia Expo, demonstrating the value to food businesses of producing unrivalled product quality via the meat dry-aging process.




The restaurant and butcher sectors are returning to a dependence on product quality due to the contemporary food movement driven by consumer demand. This has resurrected the dry-aging process as a viable solution to obtaining superior meat flavours and quality.

Viking Food Solutions managing director Stuart Mead describes the dry-aging technique as “a significant industry trend”. He added that, in an era where modern food businesses need to adapt to survive, distinguishing themselves from competitors by leveraging a premium product as a point of difference is critical.

Viking has effectively re-interpreted the traditional technique and applied it to the modern food environment. Previously, restaurants and butchers avoided dry-aging as they lost up to 30% product weight to moisture loss.

The Viking dry-aging cabinets utilise the latest humidity control technology to cut product loss to 7-8%, resulting in an affordable measure to achieve full taste and texture quality with meat products.

As Australia’s leading supplier of butcher shop and meat processing machinery, Viking is at the forefront of new food technology, products, and trends.


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